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needs your help!

Do you know of an area or national K-12 conference? TEAMS is looking to send members to various teacher focused conferences, but to do that we need to find out which conferences exist and when and where they are held. These meetings can be relevant to studies of standardized testing (such as the AP, the SAT other national or state testing), of content or discipline (such as English, History, Art, Music, etc.), or anything else that either completely or partially focuses upon the study of the Middle Ages.

Please send conference information to:

Dr. Thomas Goodmann
(University of Miami)

Conference Work

2017 Sessions and Gatherings at the
52st International Congress
on Medieval Studies

May 10

Faculty Lounge
Board of Directors Meeting
May 11

Valley II
Harvey 204

Building (Draw)bridges: How to Keep Medieval Studies Alive in the K-8 Classroom: A Hands-On Workshop (A Poster Session)

Organizer: Sarah Layman, Independent Scholar
Presider: Thomas Goodmann, Univ. of Miami

“Oh, the (medieval) places you’ll go”: Children’s Literature as a Gateway Course
Moira Fitzgibbons, Marist College

For Young Ladies and Lords: Medieval Matters for ird Graders
Victoria Holtz Wodzak, Viterbo Univ.; Michael Wodzak, Viterbo Univ.

Medieval Board Games: Bringing the Entertainment of Medieval Children to the Modern Classroom
Sarah Layman

How the Imperial Knights of Norco Charge into the Classroom
Danielle Trynoski,; Tom Montgomery, Imperial Knights Production Company; Andrea Montgomery, Imperial Knights Production Company

May 11

Richard Coeur de Lion: Then and Now

Organizer: Russell A. Peck, Univ. of Rochester
Presider: Christopher Guyol, SUNY–Geneseo

Rethinking the METS Richard Coer de Lyon: Romance Accretions and Historiography
Peter Larkin, Univ. of North Carolina–Charlotte

Lion-Hearted and Demon-Spawned: Comprehending the King’s Cannibalism
Michael Livingston, e Citadel

Which Richard? Bidder’s Choice
Russell A. Peck

Respondent: Kelly DeVries, Loyola Univ. Maryland
May 11

Valley III
Stinson 306
Editorial Board Meeting
May 11

Valley III
Harrison 302
Reception with hosted bar
May 12


Sustaining Vivid Medieval Studies Programs in a Time of Diminished Fiscal and Faculty Resources (A Roundtable)

Organizer: Bonnie Wheeler, Southern Methodist Univ.
Presider: Benjamin Joy Ambler, Dwight-Englewood School

A roundtable discussion with M. Wendy Hennequin, Tennessee State Univ.; Danielle B. Joyner, Southern Methodist Univ.; Anne E. Lester, Univ. of Colorado–Boulder; and Bonnie Wheeler.


Recent Publications

The King of Tars (2015)
Edited by John H. Chandler

Oton de Granson Poems (2015)
Edited and Translated by
Peter Nicholson and
Joan Grenier-Winther

The Complete Harley 2253 Manuscript
Edited and translated by
Susanna Fein with
David Raybin and
Jan Ziolkowski
Volume 1 (2015)
Volume 2 (2014)
Volume 3 (2014)

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Medieval Studies

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2017 TEAMS
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Teachers! Send us your best lesson plans for teaching the Middle Ages!
DEADLINE for Submissions: May 15, 2017

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